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Sunday, 26 April 2015

A cashless economy and forced to go cashless. The effects will be very profound and detrimental to the whole world !!!

John - Christopher - Sunol

Will we be forced into a cashless society?

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Corporate Police State

Postby Olthar » Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:30 am
Eliminating cash would be incredibly racist and xenophobic, though possibly not intentionally. Because of the Patriot Act, one requires a Social Security number to open a bank account. Foreigners will never get one of those even after becoming a legal citizen. As such, only natural born citizens can possibly exist in a cashless society. It would completely destroy all immigration.

Yes i do believe this will happen, 

for a start it is prophesied in the the bible: 
Revelations chapter 13 vs 1-16 : this mark will be formed part of a cashless society so that no one can buy or sell unless they have the mark


also this cashless society will make it near impossible for escaped prisoners to live, give everyone a data chip which we will not be able to buy or sell without the government knowing where you go by what you purchase though data based computers in EFTPOS transaction or electronic transactions. Then someone will be able to find out where you purchased the product and what you eat or the place you live, this will bring us into a controlled society as put in Orwell's big brother (1984) or Huxleys Brave New World - we will not be able to go anywhere or do anything without the big brother eye of a computer or the net knowing where you have been, what you have brought, 

It will bring about a centralised society where all small business become part of main chain of networks of big business - as is with Woolworths today and Coles taking over all the small retailers in buy outs as the the small retailers can not compete so the one company is monopolizing society.

The state or the organization will be able to control what a person buys or sells due to the money will be EFTPOS electronic funds transfer at point of sale - and  if a company does not want to sell you something, it will be able to identify you at Point of sale and refuse the sale. Courts will be able to control the people or those in charge of the banks and funds. 

No more gifts of cash will be able to be given without the government knowing where all money goes and what you are giving. You can be restricted in your giving or questioned whether it is for a service on the black market or a gift if you give to much - it is taking our rights away to give to the needy and to those we feel led to give to without coming up with reasoning to a governing body. 

The negative far outweigh the positive and I like my freedom as it is today, we must cherish our freedoms as with no cash we have no freedom. 

At least when you have cash, you have privacy and independence - without cash we will loose our privacy to a socialist communal living under a Marxist style philosophy and we will have no independence, it will be all taken away from us for a social collective form of living.

We just become a number in a system of 7.3 billion people world wide much like in Huxley's Brave New World  or Orwell's Big Brother. 

My comments

What do you like 

Your freedom and independence as we have known for hundreds of years or a collective society with no freedoms but all done in a social collective like Marx brought in with his communist 

This is what agenda 21 or the coming new world order is about to bring into society, we we must make our mind up now which way we go.


'world war 3 is near as Egypt

John - Christopher - Sunol

world war 3 is near as Egypt

A couple of You Tubes worth watching as hackers want to take this out. I think this has some facts in it which are worth watching so i will post it on my blog

My comments

I beleive world war 3 is here with Isil against the world, this could be interesting watching as there are people who do not want it seen so i am willing to defy those people fully and show it on my blog