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Monday, 1 September 2014

Interenet restrictions could come into force under Agenda 21: Similar to in Russia

According to the new law, bloggers registered in the “3,000 visitors” category also need to provide their real surname, initials, and contact details on their websites or pages. If they fail to do this,Roskomnadzor may instruct providers or administrators of relevant sites to provide the names and contacts to the authorities. Under the new law, failure by bloggers to register with Roskomnadzor or to provide contact information is punishable by administrative fines – between 10 and 30 thousand rubles (US$280 - 840) for individuals and up to 300,000 rubles ($8,400) for legal entities. Repeated violations incur higher fines – up to 50,000 rubles for individuals ($1,400) and up to 500,000 rubles ($14,000) for legal entities – or administrative suspension of the site for up to one month.

I think that eventually this will become part of agenda 21 to stop people like myself from raising awareness of potential issues online. 

This could be seen as start of a society like the book; A brave new world by Audious Huxley or 1984 by George Orwell where are freedoms are curtailed in force for state secutiry and social, political and thought control. 

I can see the infusion of blogging and journalism and I can see it coming one day in the not to distance future that you will have to be approved in blogging, what you blog and show that you are a fit and proper person willing to abide by the laws to blog under a similar code to mass media today when they publicy. 

Blogging and massw media is infusing so much that this is inevitable to come out sooner or later and I believe that groups like the gay Mafia will push this line to get people like myself who have come out as anti Same Sex Marriage on line so we can not communicate with the masses to change public opinion of groups of people. 

Also it may come under legislation to be a journalist, marketing person, advertising person or a blogger you will have to pass a fit and proper test similar to what is needed to pass for a public vehicle authority so that Agenda 21 can control the masses

I see this as a five star rating towards agenda 21 ***** as this is what Agenda 21, is coming in by deception and to bring control on all people world wide - I beleive to tighen up on blogging is not only for good reasons, but to force people not to speak out against the issues that agenda 21 is bringing up for the masses, 
So they can be like Stalin - Mao Si Dong was in china and other totalitarian regimes of similar and keep people under social, political, economic control and stop those whistle blowers who expose the corruption.

That is what this blog is about to show how this is coming

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No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)

An outlook into European Globalization

England, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Germany

Then also a small amount of Danish

so i think that Europe could be the head of a Globalized world which is the outlook of the new world order or Agenda 21

I give this a four star rating towards agenda 21 **** AS THIS is looking directly coming from Agenda 21

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No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)

this was an old article on me and we are going to fight the person tho took this

This man who done this to me is an abuser of the court and set me up with lies, He also lied for me to loose my taxi authority and I will never accept the finding. I just can not

This is some of the abuse you get when you speak out the Truth

Read this aeticle then do a google search on John Sunol or John Christopher Sunol in relation to these matters to see how much I have been in the forefront of the abuse of the vilification law. 

A number of articles were done on me from different media sources

I give this a three star rating towards agenda 21 *** as this is what will happen to people who speak out against this coming one world government.

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No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)

Agenda 21 and Global Privatization

This is a video on what is coming, It is not nice, it is a 2 hour video but should inform all who read on the new world order as it stands

There is six hours worth of videos here but this will show you what is coming and it is worth it. 

I give this a five star rating towards agenda 21 ***** as this is agenda 21

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No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)

\Is world war 3 about to break out !!!

When the first 2 world wars began, I imagine people minus the sources of information we have today were surprised.
But in this internet age, people are connected to many streams of information, some bogus, some truthful.

So are we actually being manipulated into WW3, as a plan for the One World Government types, or is this Ukraine thing just a blip on the screen of post 9/11 history?

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 12:56 AM
a reply to: droid56

It's a good time for it. I saw some General on the BBC saying that NATO would have a tough time mustering an entire division of troops to fight the Russians with. And the Russians continue building up on the Ukrainian border. Couple that with the Caliphate forming itself. Back up to a satellite view of the geography ... and you'll see what I'm saying.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 01:04 AM
Back when information was not so easily disseminated it was relatively easy to control what information reached the public. If a war broke out back then it would be easy for a government to control what was printed or broadcast. One would think that it would be much harder to fool the public today, but this does not seem to be the case. This is because although there is much more information out there, there is also much more confusion, which is a direct result of the larger volume of information as it is next to impossible to determine what is accurate.

I do not think we have to worry about WWIII in the near future. I posted in a few threads when all this Ukraine/Russia talk started, and I was adamant at that time that it would not result in a major war, and I still believe that. If Putin had already made the decision for war, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. It would have made much more sense, militarily speaking, to launch an invasion before it was quite obvious to the invaded country that they were going to be invaded, which allows them much more time to consider their options and prepare countermeasures for such military action. I stated when this started that Putin's territorial expansion would halt with Crimea, which seems to be the case.

What is going on with Partisan fighters at the moment is confusing, and even though Putin is likely behind some of these acts, this does not equate, and will not lead, to WWIII. If he is using partisan fighters, or even Russian soldiers in small groups behaving more like a guerilla force, then obviously he is doing so because he decided not to use a large invasion force. Therefore it is not really an invasion, more like an incursion of small and somewhat independent groups of fighters. There would likely be a political motive behind such a move, or an economic motive, but I do not see a truly military motive here. Putin wishes to gain something, like all other nations, and when they wish to gain something that also means that they don't want to lose what they've already gained. This almost always means that they will not risk all of that on an undetermined outcome. Putin understands, like other leaders do, that a world war, or even a war between powerful states, cannot possibly end well for either side.

Edit to Add: I made the point that if these small fighting groups were deployed then obviously a large-scale invasion was decided against in favor of such action, and I just realized that someone will undoubtedly say that such small groups are to pave the way for an actual military invasion. While this is a legitimate military idea, it makes little sense to me in this instance. Russia, if they wanted to invade Ukraine, could walk all over the Ukranian military. Thus sending in pre-invasion groups, which is usually used for either intelligence gathering or seizing key locations like river crossings, would be unnecessary precisely because the Russian military would not have to worry all that much about being held up by Ukranian forces. And intelligence gathering in this age of technological sophistication is different from conflicts where the only way to get good information was to have assets on the ground. So they need not use these groups for intelligence gathering. With all that has happened thus far, I just do not see any preparations for a massive, all out war against Ukraine.
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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 02:56 AM
a reply to: droid56

It's two fold.

First, No, I don't think it's a precursor or that there is a WWIII building.

Having said that, I'll follow up by saying that there has been a war with the Russians since WWII. And Ukraine is not Russia, but NATO invading Russia's territory. First, the Soviet Union split up. Followed by Yougoslavia, Georgia, Sheznya and now Ukraine. All of which are NATO influenced , to reduce the power zone of Russia. And Russians, they're the same stupid morons, they've always been. Thinking they can back up, and wait for winter to kill their enemies.

If the Russians don't wake up, they'll end up like Iraq ... a political chaos, with a lot of British/US Al Qaida members turning into an endless internal conflict.

And the question is now, what are the government of Russia thinking. Are they thinking like "I don't care, as long as I get some oil and gas money", for their own personal gain. Or are they thinking about stability for their own people, for a foreseeable future. NATO has been creating conflicts all over Europe, to reduce Russian influence, and US has been creating conflicts all over the world. In the heads of the US government it's "We gotta kill all our enemies, before they can get revenge on us, like 9/11. We've gotta hurry up, no time to lose". Sort of thinking ... and this means, they're relentless. And it's not going to stop with putting up missile systems in Europe, directed at Russia.

But, I firmly believe that Putin represents a power inside Russia, that is anti-Russian. That he represents a power in Russia, that is the remnants of the 5-star coalition, that won the second world war. He's in power, because if someone like Medvedev was there, Ukraine would never have occured. He's there, to force Russia to back down.

That is my belief ... now let's see what the Russians themselves have for ideas about their own future. But an outright war? Even iff russia invaded Ukraine, with all their might ... which is considerable. What is NATO going to do? any move by NATO, would be a suicide on their behalf.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 03:08 AM
The problem involves the U.S. economy weakening gradually, together with the petro-dollar, due to over-spending and increasing debt. Add to that peak oil and global warming.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 03:18 AM
YES IT IS!!! I'm gearing up as I speak... and theres a crack on my acog which is a bummer.


Not really no.

There will be no ww3.

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Only time will tell if this becomes world war 3 
it is looking that way although this has happened on a number of occasions before. 

One being the Bay of Pigs in 1962 with President Kennedy and Kovachev over Cuba or commonly known as the |Cuban Missile crises

Rating towardes agenda 21, I give this a four star rating **** as it has direct revelations with the coming agenda 21. 

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No entry on any of these blogs of mine vilify, defame or vilify any groups of people of persons. It is all for the education of the readers of my blog(s)