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Monday, 2 May 2016

the Budget is brought out tomorrow night

the budget this year is going to be a big budget as it is leading up to a Federal election on July 2nd. Politics will rule the roost and it could be manipulated to suit the present day political agenda. Let us wait and see. 

What I am interested in is a Google tax , who this will effect. I feel that will be multinationals, not the ordinary people. 


written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.20 on Monday May 2nd 2016

Sunday, 1 May 2016

I have between 40 to 50 hours of back to back youtubes online

Listening to the Carter Edwards show on 2hd tonight A WEALTHY MAN from Merweather highs spoke on people with Money

I found this quite interesting and when I tried to phone back the line was busy and I could not get on. 

A man phoned in at around 21.30 who spoke on negative gearing and the wealthy. He stated that he lived in Merweather hights and had several Million dollars in investment. I found that he was very wrong when he put down thise who did not have moneu as being lazy people who suck off the Government. I supported Carter Edwards the radio commentator who cut him to pieces verbally for being biased. 

I state of the role theories in peoples circumstances (Durkeiniam) where all play a role and each person should be respected for the role that they play in society. Some are weathy as we need wealth to keep society moving but some are less affluent. They need to treated on a equal basis as they play their part.

This man put the less afluent down and that is wrong. Carter Edwards attacked him verbally big time and in this case I am fully behind Carter Edwards as he had no right to class those with less money in a different class and devaluate them.

If we help one another we live a good life but the world is not perfect so this will not happen in reality


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
On Sunday May 1 2016 at 23.00

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Prince, the infamous rockstar could have been murdered by the New World for knoing to much

For knowing to much

Type into the web page that comes up in the above Link,  Prince speaking and knowing truths of the reality of the new world order and you do not deny the Illunimati without the consequences and these consequences for prince was that he was murdered by the Illuminati

I beleive that if this report is fact, I  do not doubt it and this is not consiracy theory. IT IS A GENUINE HYPOTHESIS untill a proven fact. This would have been done as such a well liked and loved man would have weilded massive power and whenhe refused to go by the  way of the Illuminati they wanted him dead as  he was to dangerous for them to keep alive  as he could have turned millions against the coming new world order.

If Prince was murdered by the Illuminati (for knowing to much about the coming New World order or Agenda 2030 THEN THIS WOULD BE ENACTED PROFESSIONALY by those involved in this conspiracy which would make his death seem like a sickness or accident to cover the tracks of those involved
In such criminal actions if proven in a court of law should be made accountable for the murder of a pop star who was a gift to the world. 

By taking away this gift  to the world they should become accountable for such acts before the whole world

such a criminal actiom. 

If this was known to be true it would create a major uproar all over the world as Prince had many millions of  devoted followers. 

And Prince was a realy brave man who is now with the Lord

(That is the main purpose of this blog to show people the truth and I will not stop untill I can physically write no moreThis coming evil is so bad I have no choice and I would rather die than give up  - Agenda 2030)


Written by John Christopher Sunol
Sunday May 1 2016 6.09

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