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Friday, 28 October 2016

Cashless society is coming

This is the fullfilemt of prophetic discourse for over 2,000 years and no cash is far more than plastic or electronic money. This will mean control control upon all. 

With no cash does not mean that you do not need fianance to buy and sell. Fiscal processed of buying and selling is an integral part of modern society. It must and will continue on to carry out daily life. 

On the contrary when all paper money is all gone you will have to work on a  line of credit and debit. You will get this credit/debit through a scanner and bar code. This will  leave a computer print on all who buys and sells and brings in total control upon all in society. This will become traceable by electronkc finger prints so that a central government can see and authorize all transactions that take place.

This will bring us into a Orwellian style society where total control of all is gained in all areas of a persons life Cash by the way of coins and paper money means individualcontrol and independence, 
No cash and Electronic Funds Transfer

(biblical prophecy is being fullfilled)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
5.55 Saturday October 29th 2016

My comments

The world is on the verge of going Cashless 

Sweden the worlds first cashless country

Isreal going cashless

KOREAN society set to go cashless

Big banks rejecting cash for electronic money

Thursday, 27 October 2016

I would like to run my own business again like I done before in the Taxi's

I would like to go back in business again, Like I once had with the taxi but was set up and framed by others. I will never accept that I am unfirt as I am framed by others, that is why I am ordered  to pay over $53,000 to the man who told lies in court, comitted purgery and set me up. 

I am discharged bankrupt soon and after this I will go into my own business and this time a small cofee shop where  I would like to have music to attract youth..

I have an ABN and I only need to wait untill I am discharged bankrupt by February 2017.   As for the past accusations of villification I  recognise none of them so I have absolutely nothing to be sorry over and I refuse to give any apology or assurances that I will not  villify to  This group or any other such group or any like trouble makders as I blame them for Loss of my past livelihood and I intend to go back into private business in the public which does not need a fit and propee test so that no  one can set me up. 

I will set up a small cafe/cofee shop and put music into it to draw my customer base 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
11.37 Thursday October 28th 2016

My comments

Small coffee shop sucess story

How to open small coffee shop

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Have been ordered to pay Garry $53,711.43 from past court cases

I received roday a bill for $53,477.41 owing to Garry Burns from My past court cases as a payout This is awful as the money came over 3 years of cases and I was set up and framed for these cases. Plus this man was fined $4,800 he never paid on the 5th August in Waverly local for telling lies and fabricating evidence in criminal purgery when he gave false evidence with deliberate lies to get a restraining order against me on this day. He never paid this but demands for me to pay him over $50,000. 

I will go and see the sheriff in Newcastle tomorrow and let him speak to my bankruptcy trustee. 

I do not have this money, can not get it as I am bankrupt and he will have to go and jumpmas I will not do what I can not do. 

If I had the $53,000 I might pay him off and Piss him off as he is not worth it, Garry is a fraud and a uninged man, but even doing that may not work as this scammer would only take me to court to get more money. 

I wish to tell all I am not sorry for him AND THE GARRY TAKING ME TO COURT DOES NOT REPRESENTTHE GLBT GROUPS  He only represents himself and a very minor section Those in the lobby groups who are full of Political activist and trouble makers from Political correctness sides out of Cultural Marxism 

NB: I would like to see the 1993 homosexual villification ammendment repealed as it can be and is being Used corruptly and Those  and the getting this bill of $53,711.43 is one major example. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
21.30 Wednesday October 26th 2016