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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

World war 3 could break out at any time

World war 3 could brek out at anytime- put this
With this - and let us see what is realy happening right now

This could come at any moment without warning. I FEEL WORLD WAR THREE WILL BE VER DIFFERENT TO WORLD WARS 1 AND 2. 

This will be in the way it is fought. World war three could start from Militple terrorism attacks, (like that has been in the past couple of weeks in France and Germanu where as world wars 1 and 2 started from one country invading another (the traditional way that all wars in the past have started

This is worrying for the whole world as we have not foight like this before (especially using highntechntechnology which will become part of the mainstay of world war three)

We are also fighting religious ideology and not on pure economic reasoning and a power base  like in world wars 1 and 2. This is another main differen ce in the coming war.

When we look at the past multiple terror attacks both in France and Germany we can see this coming down the line.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 11.32 Wednesday July 27th 2016

My comments

World war 3 will be very different to world  wars 1 & 2

More stabbings in France and now in Japan as well _ violence is becoming common today

More stabbings in France - and now Japan as well. 

Islamic state is making good of its threat, it is bringing war to Europe, at this time it is France and Germany but who knows where next as they are doing this in a way never done before, using radicalized youth (and older) from within France, not conventional armies and this is hard to fight. 

It is now even going to Japan which are a peace loving country and not since the end of world war 2 in 1945 have the Japanese been aggressive. We are at war now and this is why carriers like the Charles De - Gaul must go into the middle East and take the war to Islamic state and other Islamic radicals. The only way this is going to finish is for us to take out Islamic state and other Islamic radicals in the Middle East and it is critical that we back and support our own troops, (French, Australian, British, German, United states and others allied to us) to take the way to Islamic state and others and make sure we win. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
at 3.49 on Wednesday July 27th 2016

My comments

More war in Europa and also Japan, stabbiings is modern war fare

Monday, 25 July 2016

World war 3 could break out at any moment experts warn

this is fact, we need to watch and take note as this could happen in several areas, 

and this will be big, world wide

Written by John Christopher Sunol
20.15 Tuesday July 26 2016

My comments

World war three could break out at any time (Military experts warn)

France to send its Charles De Gaul - aircraft carrier to fight Islamic state

We need to fight Islamic state and this must be done. I back France 100% as France has had attacks. I think this is needed

We could be seeing world war 3 start right in front of our eyes???

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.20 on Monday July 25th 2016

Cultural Marxism: this is what is behind it: I am putting online Truth News news letter for all to see what we are fighting today

I need not say a lot more on this, but Cultural Marxism is the present day philosophy driving same sex marriage, feminist left wing social change and the coming new world order (Agenda 2030)

The whole world needs to see this as this philosophy is the modern day philosophical view that are taking over from radical feminism. We are heading back into a totalitarian style state similar to what Marxism started in 1917 (Bolshevik Revolution) when it was interpreted under Stalin and Lenin more commonly known as Communism. 

It is radically the same with a few different twists and turns. 

I feel that this needs to be shown world wide and I can do this by the use of social media

Written by John Christopher Sunol
20.26 on Monday July 25th 2016

My comments

Cultural Marxism is one of the curses in the 21st Century

Sunday, 24 July 2016

New terrorism laws in Australia. - Federal government.

Yes this is a great law, but we need to be careful that it is not used against those with political differences. Like with myself and the cases I had, those who took me to court would love this if they could manipulated it as I could be kept locked up so I can not write online. #

There are cases of people who would manipulate this for their own political objective.

The same with terrorism, for genuine cases yes but let us hope it goes no further as this is just the sort of legislation that Agenda 2030 will have to stop people from speaking against the corruption that it covers. 

so I say this:

1 Yes but as long as it goes no further
2 the draw backs are that this could go into locking up those political enemies indefinitely to shut them up and be abused. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 14.44 on Monday July 25th 2016

My comments.

These laws can be manipulated

Federal Prison for all terrorist indefinately is what is needed
They are Ll mass murders in the name of a religious ideology and the comminity needs protection from this

I believe that all abortion is Murder - Murder which is sanctioned by some

To abort a child after conception is to take away any chance for a life, before it is born to this physical world, From the day of conception inside a woman's womb the fetus is a life in the future coming under development. 

This from the very first day that the male sperm joins with the female egg and development of new life beginnings. For us to dictate what is to be and what not to be born means that we are planning the world and this has far reaching consequences many years into the future. 

So I believe that if a child is aborted the parents and the doctor who aborts that child should be held accountable for murder.

If the child gets sick and dies, is the same as a child or a fetus dying in the mothers woman, and that is not of the fault of anyone, God has his own reasons for allowing this.


It IS NOT for us to make these decisions, it is in the hands of God who has his own reasons for allowing an unborn child to die - I feel that those who abort children deliberately for any reasons are murders and should be held so accountable for such. 

They have now even made progressions in medical science that a child can be operated on before birth, on the fetus. If these advancement's are made in the medical areas (Brisbane's Mater Hospital) then the unborn fetus is a real human being living in the mothers womb awaiting to come out into the world and be released themselves to the world. 

I ask the question, why then do people abort a fetus and murder the future generation, while others such as in Brisbane's Mater Hospital are working on new technology to save the unborn and operate on them whilst in the mothers womb   so that they are born without defects. 

Just imagine if some of the past greats in history, and world changing figures were aborted, the world would be very different - say Issac Newton aborted before birth, the world would be very different now. 

As a conclusion: I have come to the belief that if Abortion is sanctioned by law, then it is legally sanctioned Murder. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.54 Monday July 25th 2016

My comments