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Friday, 24 January 2014

Apology as per court order January 22nd 2014 as per ADT Burns vs Sunol

This is my apology persuant to the case Burns vs Sunol July 5th 2014


This apology is made pursuant to an order by the NSW Civil and Administrative tribunal (NCAT) made on the 22/1/14

On Various dates between 9 November 2012 to 2 January 2013, I published statements on a web site controlled by me. www.johnsunol.blogspot.com.au several comments concerning homosexuality and homosexual people. 

On 22/1/14 NCAT held that my statements amounted to unlawful homosexual vilification, NCAT found that they were capable, or had the effect, of inciting hatred or serious contempt of one or more homosexual people on the grounds of homosexuality.

I apologise for publishing these statements. I acknowledge that the worlds that I used vilified homosexuals in breach of the New South Wales Anti-Dicrimiantion Act 1977. The aim of this Act is to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance in the community. The Act sets limits on what can be said or done in public. 


 This is my apology as to what was ordered from the NCAT and I want it to go world wide for all to read and you can comment on my web page if you like.

This is also posted on the other back up web page as a second for all to see


John Christopher Sunol

NB:  this is the apology as was ordered by the NCAT tribunal in a burns vs sunol case of July 5th as of the decision on the 
22nd January 2014

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