Sunday, 17 May 2015

I belive given time the Catholic church will accept same sex marriage and homosexuality in the church; Just read this !!!

John - Christopher - Sunol

Good times for dominicans: Uber-Liberal appointed by Pope Frances

this is acceptance of sin in the church, if the church becomes sinful and accepts sin the Holy Spirit leaves and the devil takes over, This is very bad, this appointment is one of the last steps of the Catholic church to accept gay marriage as part of its doctrine. 

It starts off simple and then goes deep in sin 

We must keep ourselves clean of sin and this is what we must not accept. 
Same sex marriage agenda is part of agenda 21 and this is the fall of one of the last bastions of anti same sex marriage and we must all reject this, 

My comments

That is all I will say, Yes the Catholic church is a Christian churcha nd I accept its teaching of salvation but Like Martin luther broke away in the 13th century I refuse to accept same sex marriage and will continue to lobby against this - I accept that we find salvation throught Jesus christ but same sex marriage is not part of this and there is no salvation for this. 

Most Catholic people are good people but this is femenist left wing ideology which is not good. 
It is NOT original catholic teaching and this is going to far for the Pope to accept such a man in a leadership role, Give and take a very short time and same sex marriage will also creept into the catholic church if it follows this down the tracks and not halted straightr away. This Liberal bishop is  a wicked man accepting sin as part of his doctrine. 

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