Saturday, 16 May 2015

Islamic extremists urger fighters and all Muslims to fight a world wide Jihad to an Islamic Califate.

John - Christopher - Sunol

This is further evidenc I beleive world war 3 has started, Isis wants a world wide califate and it you watch you can see it coming. This just shows more evidenc to that face. 

Boko Haram in Nigeria with the forms of Groups that are joining up with Isis on a world wide califate, 

Read this document on Boko Hama and you will see the kind of people that juoin this. 

My comments

More evidence we could be living in the last days ready to start or already started the

 Last 7 years of the great tribunalion. Keep reading this blog and I  will show it to you

 from News articles as they come up off the net with other related issues

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