Thursday, 28 May 2015

Person in Victoria banned from using facebook and twitter due to connections to Islamic state and terrorism

Twitter threat man 

avoids jail in Vic

these control orders for a terrorism offence is right yes, I agree with this 


it needs protection against going to far and can be misused in time to come by those who want to abuse the law and take away our rights of free speech. 

the people taking me to court on false accusations would love to be able to use this sometime in the furute to shut me up. I am afraid that could be on the cards some years down the track. Legisaltion that takes away your rights of free speech often can start by something like this which is in need of these laws - but later on others take over and abuse the system

It happens all fo the time

My comments

What I am afraid of is that down the trak we can loose our rigths of free speech to reject evil things going on like same sex marriage with this kind of legislation.

This is the start of an orwellian society. 


and I tell all zgeekers this message still stands (Please all note - one of these videos I took down due to my realising it was only made in anger at people who were defaming but time, but others who were my enemies deliberately stole it and put it back online to discredit me. I was before and am now genuine, this bunch of zgeekers who attacked me are just as bad as those that took me to court on lies) I am going to try and get back my taxi authority eventually and undo the damage these people done to me by being liars

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this is very interesting as it is not from me, but from others who promote me without my knowledge online

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Date and time of posting - 29/5/15 - 15.30

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