Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maximun Sentences for brothers accused of Terror plots

John - Christopher - Sunol

Maximum prison sentences for 2 brothers in terror plot

In Seatle as reported in the Seatle Times two convicted of terrorism were given maximun sentance. This is right and correct and this needs to be done. The police and security agencies do their job excellently but the courts must do theirs as well. 

Do NOT SEND THEM HOME. Send them to prison where they are kept as maximun  secrutiy and i would even deny them the Koran, give them a bible

but we are not in world war 3 and this needs to be treated like prisoner of war camps were during other major wars in the past. 

My comments

this is very serious as we are in world war 3 and I think that prisoner of war camps need to be brought into action and all people who committ acts of terrorism against the state need to go to these places untill Isis is completely defeated, 

Now is the time of war, we need to fight to keep our ways of life going. It might get hard but after a short time this will all be finished and then things come a lot better. 

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