Thursday, 9 July 2015

i NEED to let all know this, THANKS TO being TAKEN TO COURT I am now able to do more on writing online that I could if I had beeen left alone !!!

God has protected me over these false accusations. 

Psalms 121:7

I beleive I am protected by God over these court cases. Those taking me to court tell lies and purgering themselve big time will eventualy come underone The Lord is with me as I am free to work better now than I would if I was working as I have the time. 

I own my home with no rent, no mortgage or loans only every daily bills which all have to pay.

I own a car which I obtained cheeply with plenty of transport. Public transport is very efficiant where I live and also no problem what so ever plus I also have own a car. I have no payments on the car as I own it outright.  I have the time to sit on the computer all day every day. I own my own desk top. I also have a note pad (Galazy 5 the latest) to do you tubes on so everything is as my fingertips. 

It would be no easier or better if I was working as I would not  have the time I have now to do the you tubes or write on the blog so I am better of than most people. 

I would not be alot better off if I was working as I am getting social security - new start payments - I fullfill my requiements and qualify for this thus pay no tax as my imcome is not large enough to draw tax but with no rent and assets to a compnay which has my interest - formed in 1984 when I got a large payout during this time for a accident case $400,000 - legaly the home is not mine, it is the property of Metrom Pty Ltd which has my own money and personal interests - but in reality it is my home as it was my money that brought it - so i can not be touched by debtors - and being banktupt for a small amount is protection. 

In reality God has given me all the tools to be able to protest and write online time and everything but legaly only in legal names all is in the name of a trust company which protects me from theifs and trouble makers like those that took me to the Tribuanls on hyped up false accuastions - as noted in the lists below - every case is at the bottom of this blog entry. 

Thus  I was able to purchase the home for cash back in 1984 when I got a large sum of money and put it under trust formed so no one could take if from me by court orders by taking me to court on false accusations like the people have done to me over the years so I am protected

I tell those who want to stop me, you will not and I am going to appeal my taxi authority and try to overturn some of the cases i have had thrust on me. - all of these cases are wrong decisons on hyped up lies made out by the people who took me to account on a polical bias for legislation strenghening legal purposes. 

My appeals are in the process of courts right now so I am under subjudicy and can not speak on it but after future decisions are made I can and I will

I promise you that

Well then by for now and listen to my you tube messavge on this happening.

since being taken to court on false accusation God has given me the protection I need and everything I need to carry out His will with. This is a fact. I own my home with no rent, i have a desk top computer and a tablet to make you tubes on, I have a car fully paid for and live in a good transport area which is fairly expensive if i had not owned my home back in 1984

So I might be looking for work but I am fully equiped to carry out my duties online and make up you tubes without having to get anything of go anywhere. I CAN do produce all you tubes from home and in other places with free wi fi - such as McDonalds, Gloria Jeans, public Libaries, shopping centers and a whole host of areas. 

I intend to make most videos away from home now in coffee shops, McDonalds, Gloria Jeans and shopping centres or public libaries with free wi fi to make videos

This is my plan to save ban width and gigabytes to the lowest i can
I may do some videos from home but with the new equipment I have in the tablet 
I would rather move around thee place to show those that attack me and take me to court on false accusations

They have failed and failed big time

Rather than shut me up and keep me off line,
plus stop my you tubes

I am now more determied than ever to prove my point and these people who i will not name have had no effect upon me. Instead they have ucited me to go ahead alot futhe in putting out the message that I put out. 


and I tell all zgeekers this message still stands (Please all note - one of these videos I took down due to my realising it was only made in anger at people who were defaming but time, but others who were my enemies deliberately stole it and put it back on-line to discredit me. I was before and am now genuine, this bunch of zgeekers who attacked me are just as bad as those that took me to court on lies) I am going to try and get back my taxi authority eventually and undo the damage these people done to me by being liars

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this is very interesting as it is not from me, but from others who promote me without my knowledge online

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Date and time of posting - 9/7/15 - 16.30

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