Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Isis is destroying history and archeology - ancient history

Worldwide News: ISIS Destroys Historic Archaeological Relics

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This is wicked of Isis to do that, once these relics are gone they can never be got back and for this alone we must fivght this group. Isis is a curse uponj the earth and all must reazlize that. This is going into world war 3. 

My own personal comments on this

this is very real and all should listen to it. I think this should be listened to by all Americans and all people as it is real, very real


and I tell all zgeekers this message still stands (Please all note - one of these videos I took down due to my realising it was only made in anger at people who were defaming but time, but others who were my enemies deliberately stole it and put it back on-line to discredit me. I was before and am now genuine, this bunch of zgeekers who attacked me are just as bad as those that took me to court on lies) I am going to try and get back my taxi authority eventually and undo the damage these people done to me by being liars

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this is very interesting as it is not from me, but from others who promote me without my knowledge online

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