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Thursday, 24 March 2016

An Article from Luke McKee



An article that I received from a Luke McKee I would like to post on my blog for all to read

Sparkles the Pony Page

108 Great Western Hwy
Medlow Bath NSW 2780
I recall Jez aka GayDayNews@gmail.com (used by Jez and Garry - when used by garry we could identify who was using it from the headers) coming to me saying har har ha we found we you work we are going to get you TAP TAP ....here is the address. Something stalkers do. Consider this a lesson in empathy. How does it feel like to be on the receiving end of it for a change? Oh it's a big travesty - because queer royalty must not be treated the same as the way they treat others.... Poor you. Oh diddums.
Now unless you write to me and tell  me how harmful the gay paedophile child sex banter on your Sparkles the Pony page, a Facebook page you controlled that was used to put comments on studylinks.org's facebook page - one of them being it's photophobic to critize the 1822 gay scoutmaster in the BSA perversion file who had sex with young boys., Anyway I screens-hotted all of it.
If it's homophobic to be against those 1822 gay scoutmaster boy rapes as you said using the sparkles the pony facebook page on studylink.org's businesses facebook page,  then it must be anti-Semitic to be against Rabbies Sucking Baby Penis and killing them with herpies. (No that is reality - not from my imagination - but a lot comes from Garry's peverted imagination. We all see how much of a pervert you are with your dirty foreskin emails and worse)
(I only found that researching this SkidMark9531 your mate truthsurge claimed was me. That same fake troll account was used to stalk a pastor in USA who has that on his page)

Wow the guy you emailed my father about making a video exposing someone in our family does child sex just made this. Halarious. With your threatening emails reported to the NZ Police/INTERPOL, you and your police protection you didn't think we'd take the law into our own hands?

Seeing it's some harmless you don't mind if I just distribute a copy of it to that address? I wont if you confess and email ALL of us telling us how disgusting it is and how people who are on that Sparkles the Pony page you and your webmaster controlled and operate shouldn't work as school teachers ( like your webmaster is trying to do as an "ICT Tutor" for $30 bucks a hour )
- because not only they are gay but they make sexual references in relation to young boys.
Now if you tell me it's disgusting and harmful material then it wouldn't be appropriate to send to an old lady. But if you email us and say you are disgusting perverts and that's evidence of you making sexual references to children, then of course I wont send it.
It's up to you Garry. It's funny Jez didn't even tell her he was in the Iraq War doing satellite uplinks for fox news. I wonder what other big dark secrets he keeps from his mummy. 

scribd.com/luke_mckee NCAT document has garry burns audio statement that he's a nsw pedophile gay  child sex police operative in it (or words to that effect)
Now don't be complaining. You talk about Karma. I talk about DEJA VIEW. I recall you loved saying on your page's comments you are going to publish my father's address and get crazy gays go to there (save the pictures) and if you see below you are publishing an address of a business that NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. I was on level 14 - i just changed that to trick you dumb ass and you fell for it. And it wasn't a school.
Do you like being treated like you treat others? Imagine if Christians stormed twenty10.org.au or Socialist Alliance who you support and trashed their office. That would be Karma.
Go run to the gay police. Nobody seems to care when you do bad things to other people. But I think your protection is running out. After your threatenign emails to me, anyone will bring it up in NCAT that you like to make false allegations for fun. That's enough to get John Sunol's taxi license back today email about your plans to deliberately make false allegations to a whole bunch of schools (I don't work for in Vietnam). A lot of people are pissed off with that.

My very own  comments

to show what my interpretations of the articles spoken about
with other related issues

Please take note all: I have adverse comments 
on a number of my you tubes, this is only people 
attacking me and none of this is true -
 If I lose control of being able to delete these 
comments but when I regain control these 
adverse comments will all be deleted emediately
the same with this and other blogs as mine. 

Past attacks on me below for the sin of speaking
out against what I deem not to be adventageous
to the Global community in the present days. 


I beleive that we are all being gulled into a false sense of 

security by the Feminist cultural marxist philosophy that 
same sex marriage is equality and equality is what we all need.
 This is very wrong and we shall come to find 
that this will not and can not work. 

Homophobia is one example and I am one of 

the front line soldiers fighting to make all that come accross
 my further understand the  real meaning of homopobia. 

1. to be designated homopobic is NOT A HATE CRIME - 

a genuine homopobe has no desire to committ a criminal
 offense (and that is what stirring hate and violence 
towards anyone is let alone homosexuals) a real homopobic 
person hate no one and stays to their own personal beleifs

2. This is part of a world wide ploy by those in Femenist -

 Cultural Marxist Values which I do not adhere to - 
I see Cutural Marxism is a cult and I am committed to act agaisnt it,
 thus the same with the term homophobia which is not 
as all are lead to beleive. 


3. I see it as my duty to stay to this - regardless of the

 amount of times I have been to court or how many times
 I go to court in the future and fight the good fight so that when 
I die God will see me as the Good and
 faithful servant fighting evil - which I see as the 
Cultural Marxist Femenist throught transgressing the world today. 

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