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Friday, 8 April 2016

A homsexual agenda is real, but those in the know do not want you to know this !!!



the Homosexual Agenda is real and coming to the earth

You would have hear me mention this a number of times, you may think this a conspiracy theory, or you may think it something of futuristic - but alas no - it is a real situation coming to the earth and I beleive it will be in place in around 15 eyars time with the re-naming of Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 which defines 10 years of this 21st century

This was started to be prepared from as far back as 1788 with the French Revolution, Nepolian Beaunaparte and Adam Wieshaupt, but let us investigate this in the 20th century. This agenda as changed or progressed from being just a one world government to become a horrible dictatorship under a homosexual madman in a totalitarian nightmare worst than ever seen in the History of man. 

This blog is to show this from real live news articles as it comes along and gets into place ready for this coming nightmare to unfold. 

But let me tell you the good news now. 

It is only going to last for 7 years and then Jesus Christ will return to this earth to bring 1,000 years of peace before the end evolves. 

This blog will comment on news articles as they come up from all sources of the media and if you follow me you can follow the trail of conspiracy a it arrives

This agenda is very real and best you beleive me as unbelief will not say it will not come. All unbeleif is going to do is have you fall into a nightmare unaware of what is coming. 

This blog is to show people the truth. 

This homosexual agenda is real and arades like the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have been only designed to promite this world wide using professional marketing and outreach towards the co-porate world. 


Mobile Number 0468 309 09

Please take note all: I have adverse comments 
on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true -
 If I lose control of being able to delete these 
comments but when I regain control these 
adverse comments will all be deleted emediately
the same with this and other blogs as mine. 

Past attacks on me below for the sin of speaking
out against what I deem not to be adventageous
to the Global community in the present days. 

I have been persecuted, taken to court and denied areas in life already due to my stern beleifs

I beleive that we are all being gulled into a false sense of 

security by the Feminist cultural marxist philosophy that 
same sex marriage is equality and equality is what we all need.
 This is very wrong and we shall come to find 
that this will not and can not work. 

Homophobia is one example and I am one of 

the front line soldiers fighting to make all that come accross
 my further understand the  real meaning of homopobia. 

1. to be designated homopobic is NOT A HATE CRIME - 

a genuine homopobe has no desire to committ a criminal
 offense (and that is what stirring hate and violence 
towards anyone is let alone homosexuals) a real homopobic 
person hate no one and stays to their own personal beleifs

2. This is part of a world wide ploy by those in Femenist -

 Cultural Marxist Values which I do not adhere to - 
I see Cutural Marxism is a cult and I am committed to act agaisnt it,
 thus the same with the term homophobia which is not 
as all are lead to beleive. 


3. I see it as my duty to stay to this - regardless of the

 amount of times I have been to court or how many times
 I go to court in the future and fight the good fight so that when 
I die God will see me as the Good and
 faithful servant fighting evil - which I see as the 
Cultural Marxist Femenist throught transgressing the world today. 

Date and time of posting 
Wednesday April 6th 2016 8.00

NB: All this format is my new format of posting from the 17th March 2016

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