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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Could Donald Trump be the Anti Christ

This article is very good and makes a few relevant points from the books of 
Daniel, chapter 8,9 and 11. 

Believe this is very possible and I would take note and read into it fir the purpose of this message
I grew up in a place called Wangi Wangi near Congregation the home of the Seventh Day Adventist - my father was an insurance agenda who worked in thought all of these areas. 

While I am not fully on board with the Seventh day Adventist I am partly in this case as they do have biblical studies in depth. I am Pentecostal and more like the Baptist in theology which is very different from the SDA but when it comes to the matters of the end times the SDA use the Daniel teachings quite a lot

There is a multitude of different interpretations over this but I read the scripture and take note of what is happening in accordance with scripture and you can see this coming. 

As a conclusion to this

Donald Trump has a great chance of taking over the white house and defeating Hillary Clinton if Nominated: This would be a travestfor all Americans if this was to happen as I can see him doing the least at taking America into a big war if not worst. 

Written  by John Christopher Sunol 
Dated 21st April 2016 12.48pm


New format of all blogs and writings from now on 21st April 2016
I will write up all future blogs in this method to make a change to my blogs

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