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Sunday, 24 April 2016

My participation in Anzac Day March Newcastle City 2016

I participated in this today Monday April 25th 2016
I am ex Australian military (Royal Australian Navy 13th April 1973 to 28th January 1978). I have always supported the Military and always will
 As that is our defense from external attacks. 

I beleive in timeslike today we need asmuch defense. Defense people giive up their lives and freedoms/comforts in  life for the defense of future generations and need respect for that.

Terrorist like that 16 year old boy who wanted to bomb the Anzac Parade need to be locked away in Federal prison camps for our protection. Trouble makers and  anti war peopl like the Greens all need to be thrown out of positions of power as these people are national security risks to all Australians


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
On Anzac Day Monday 25th April 2016 at 13.07

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