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Friday, 22 April 2016

New space race and Arms race in space, Russia and the United States of the world

This could be seeing another start of a cold war among a hot war with Islamic state, this is futuristic and this I believe will become a carry on from the first cold war, 1945-1990. We will see the development of futuristic star Wars type weapons which could bring us into a far advance state that we are even at the present moment. 

The first cold war saw the development of ICBM (international continental Ballistic Missiles) and this cold war could see the development of star wars style weapons of a far different technology and states that anyone could ever imagine during the first cold war from 1945-1990 when the fall of the Old Soviet Union came to be. 

Keep following my blog as I will talk on this and how it will effect the world to the coming of Agenda 2030 in around 15-20 years time as planned on the United nations calendar. 
Written by John Christopher Sunol
Saturday April 23rd 2016  - 11.30

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