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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cultural Marxism is today Philosophical values and I personalty will work against this, it is very evil.

This is the new wave of Philosophical thought that the world is undertaking, It has sociological ties with that of Marxism (but it has different qualities about the bad parts of Stalinist and Maoism,) 

These thoughts of Marxism first erupted from the Bonaparte French revolution, then after Bonaparte was defeated at the battle of Waterloo on June 18th 1815, it was transferred over to Marx and Engels who wrote their manifesto from Britain in 1848 (Oxford University). It was economic class structure under Marx and class stratification which went into peoples rights of the Hav's and Hav not's. 

This melted into the Feminist movement which was looking for equal rights for woman as woman were pitted with the underclass during the 19th and early 20th centuries and by the 1960's we came to the second wave of woman's rights, (Germain Greer and other such authors and activists) 

By the 1980's and early 90's woman rights were mostly gained in the western world so the next move came, That was that of what was labelled Cultural Marxism which went for rights of sexuality and gay rights. This is what started in the 1980's and was defined as Cultural Marxism so that today there is a major push for gay Marriage, homosexual rights and equality within gender and homosexuality. This is western thought that comes from the Frankfurt school of social thought and has been taught in world universities since the 1990's and early 2000's as one of the main line strategies of political, philosophical and sociological/psychological evidence. 

I draw the line when it comes to homosexuality as this is NOT WRITE, IT IS VERY WRONG AS HOMOSEXUALITY IN MY MIND IS A BEHAVIORAL FACTOR OR SIN. In the eyes of the Cultural Marxist Philosophy, gays and lesbians whose are being put as people without rights in all places and things such as Gay Marriage, equality for homosexuals and all is coming under Cultural Marxists. .They see calling homosexuality as sin discrimination and want to ban this. They are using the Marxist ideology of revolution to bring on social change to the majority to accept the underclass as they call this, or those bound up by traditional and spouses. This is the whole gamete of the change of language and ideology to accept a new age of thinking. 


in religious ideology that is not taken and is wickedness so this is where the two come to create conflict. This arises out of Marxism and is taken by the same principles used as old by those who followed Marx's communist writings and the ideas if revolution. 


written by John Christopher Sunol
15.15 on Wednesday May 25th 2016

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