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Monday, 23 May 2016

Frankfurt school of social thought: modern thought sweeping the world

This school of social thought is the new wave of feminism which is today known as Cultural Marxism.

This is the main philosophy of the 21st Century that is the driving force behind Same sex Marriage, equal rights and other issues of similar. This is a form of communism which leaves out parts which dictators like Joseph Stalin used to control society and make it more plausible, 
but let me tell all who read this, I believe that is a deception, this is not more plausible, it is very deceptive. 

All need to read this and put it in line with the modern sexual revolution and the outing of homosexuality with same sex marriage in thought.

I am very anti this but i feel to concentrate my blog postings on this with reference to Agenda 2030.

Written by:
John Christopher Sunol
7.10 Tuesday, May 24th 2016 

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