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Sunday, 29 May 2016

From my enemies, how I am being attacked online

This has come from people that I do not know and know nothing about me, except the online properganda that is flipping around the web. 

They have also taken some of my videos and inappropriately used them 

They have gone into the attacks online over the past 10 years that I have had and thrown it all together in post, this full of disinformation, half truths and straight out black lies. Ignore this and if I get the money I will have this up for defamation, slander and the illegal use of disinformation as a weapon to use to attack an individual.

Read, watch and make your own decisions - please note this is some material about me from online taken and turned into one big file. 

If these people are a revised Zgeek which attacked me with Henry Collier Years ago, they need taking down and I will speak against them

As a conclusion

The people who done this latest attack on me especially not withstanding my attacks from day one are all evil people who have singled me out as they see me as a easy target. What they did not realise is that I am not going tomgo crazy and be destroyed by these attacks, I will fight back and I am going to give this latest attack to my solicitor,

Yours John 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
22.04 Sunday May 29th 2016

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