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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Had a victory today - won my appeal - decision came out on 18th May 2016

This decision was a small win after the many years of losses, it was and appeal  from the January 21 decision of 2016.  This proves that those who abuse the law like this man who took me to court will not win all of the time. This is one of a number of victories I expect to see in the future, but we can not be to complacent and think that we will win all of the time. That does not even happen during the process of wars - it is only the end results which will tell you once you have won the war. 

Lists of cases that I have had against me  - List of articles taken from Garry Burns own web site on the past cases he won against me - I believe by unethical means and fraud but that is yet to be debated

That is all I want to say for now but just let all know of this decision - already 2016 is showing up to be a fruitful years of decisions coming out on the ongoing Burns vs Sunol and Sunol vs Burns Saga - four decisions by the way of case law have come so far within the first 6 months of 2016 - more than any other year so far in such a short time. 

I will wait and see but I can expect that I could get a challenge to this appeal as it is quite a significant win and this is more political cases against me, rather than criminal or actually vilifying in reality. I do neither and those attacking me are very political animals. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 16.25 
Wednesday May 18th 2016

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