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Friday, 13 May 2016

Homophobia and transgender legislation coming to make homophobia a criminal offense

This is coming to Britain and Canada, it will not be to long and it will also come into Australia, This is OK if it attacks the real criminals who advocate real violence, but this not intended for thar as laws to prosecute those with real criminal intends (like assault and other violence such as murder) are already in place in the criminal code of law, as they have since the early days of the modern legal instutions and legislation. This is not needed as there is enough laws on the criminal books to take a assault perpetrator or even a person who commits violence and hatred which leads to death in the law without this. This set of laws criminalizing homophobia and hate crimes are not put in place to catch the criminals. Rather they are made to make that we can not speak against same sex marriage or other such issues without getting a criminal charge and record upon us. THESE LAWS are designed to work with Agenda 2030 and stop anyone speaking  out against the political corruption that abounds in the femenist left wing Cultural Marxist issues that  pervail around such issues as same sex marriage

This is bad, very bad and is open to abuse by thise whi want to shut up anyone who speaks out against the present day political climate. 

I call myself the happy little homophobe but I do not condone violence. Homophobia being made criminal is open to serious abuse and let us hope this never comes into Australia (but I think it will as some people like the Greens and Gay and Lesbian Lobby are pushing for this even in Australia). The same sex marriage agenda under agenda 2030 is pushing for this and if it does then the churches like I go to will come under persecution. We will never accept same sex marriage even if it means going to prison. It is against our ethics and Gods holiness in our life and our spiritual values are far more important than a carnal value of obeying mans law but rejecting Gods law. 

God calls homosexuality sin and same sex marriage is pure wickedness before God and we must keep that to our lives. 

It looks as though homophobia could be designated a criminal offence under the coming Agenda 2030.

This legislation is designed to silence the vocal critics of same sex marriage and all other related issues such as I am when I call myself the happy little homphobe living in my joy. 

Writen by John Christopher Sunol
10.30 14th May 20216
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