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Sunday, 29 May 2016

I beleive Global warming is a scam job (to see why, watch you tubes added)

I believe that a lot of the global warming theory is only man made theory and not as truthful as all would like  to make out. All this is realy a scam job watch and rake note of the Youtubes on Global warming from the British scientist Lord Christopher Monkton and you will hear the truth on this matter of Global warming and Agenda 21/2030.

Just listen to these video's from this British scientist and expert on issues dealing climate change and global warming 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
1.18 on Monday May 30th 2016

Videos from Lord Christopher Monkton on Climate Change
also a video from a David Sykes on Climate change to give a similar message from another person

These are some of  videos on the truth about climate change 
Type into You Tube Lord Christopher Monkton Climate change and you find alot more of this  mans discussion about the reality of climate change and agenda 21  which is now Agenda 2030

More on Climate change from Christopher Monkton in Britain

You all need to watch this and take note as this man is a climate scientist and he gives facts

Climate change is part of Agenda 2030 with other nasties like same sex Marriage. 

video 1 - video 2 - video 3 - video 4 - video 5 - video 6 - video 7 - video 8 - video 9 - video 10 

video 11 -   David Sykes on Climate change video 12

I would watch all these videos if you are interested on Climate change to see what the Media DOES NOT SAY. Christopher Monkton is a public Speaker and a Climate Scientist from Britain very well known in some circles. I wish to say no more on this and watch, then make your own mind up. This is going on in conjunction with Agenda 2030

This will give another opinion other than the Greens party and the environmentalist lobby

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