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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Indonesias Muslim Warrior Takes on Islamic State in Cyber War

This war against Islamic state is going all out but it is also incapulating warefare as never seen before, (Cyber war) and I can only see this getting worst. The longer these battles go on. 

This modern (Cyber war) is as it was in (1914) right at the beggining of world war 1 (known as the great war during this time), with advent of Air War into conflicts. 

That is where people like myself and others need to be online all of the time using todays tools to help defeat groups like Islamic State and others in different areas (such as same sex marriage advocates).

I see this as a battle we must fight for all humankind on this earth. 
I see this as a new form of warefare all can join in with. I will use it also to attack other evils such as same sex marriage. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.22 on Wednesday May 11th 2016

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