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Saturday, 21 May 2016

My own statements on whether I villify or not (to the Illuminati and all affiliated groups)

I have been attacked over the last 10 - 15 years over small trivial things not worth the attention that these issues are getting.  Those attacking me have their own agenda and with me, that is to shut me up at all costs, in any style or method, ethical, unethical, criminal or whatsoever available to them. 

What I would like to say to them is one thing: that is !!!

I do not villify Homosexuals or anyo or other group, my undergraduate degree BSoc Sc at the University of Newcastle 1998 and NSW Tafe Certicates and Diplomas (from 1989 - 2000) are both in the social sciences and Marketing/business areas. With these tertiary qualifications I am able to work with the disdvantaged, homeless and other such minority groups of people who at the brunt end of the discrimination and villification legislation.  I became  very aware of the issues involved, I am not stupid as some would have you beleive.  Also the times at school, University and Tafe I completed between 1989 - 2004 was to  be able to professionaly Market myself to the public and run my own business.

I have also been trained back in the 1990's and early 2000's to work in Marketing and advertising and I know how to handle properganda which is being thrown at me. It is all lies, I do not villify, never have and never will acrept this.

I am not going to shut up or get off line no matter what you lot do or want:

There is only three ways for me to get off line and shut up, that is one of either:

  1. To be locked up in a prison where I can not use the net or communicate, and by that I mean a solitary cell as if I go to jail I will speak to other inmates over these issues. 
  2. One other way is after I am dead and here no more to  speak out                      or
  3. If someone can find a way to make me homeless and destitute with no money, nowhere to live, living off the streets and even have my motor vechile taken from me and/or my drivers liscence (which is NOT going to happen as I own my home with no real debt from a payout). I managed to receive from a serious motorvechile accident back in (1978). I received the money as compensation from this accident back in 1984 to the sum of  $400,000 (as compensation from a bad motorvechile accident). From this payout I managed to purchase my home for cash  (that I live in now out of the money I received in 1984) I brought the home for $130,000 cash in 1989 when houses were relatively cheap for cash and since formed a family trust to put the home in so that others can not take this from me in cases like I had with the internet thugs who have taken me to court based on lies over villification and discrimination. I had more than enough cash in 1989 to purchase my home so I owned it and put it in a trust fund to stop others taking me to court to get it from me. The vslue of this home today could be more than $700,000 which I have little or no morgage with. I COULD SEE IN THE FUTURE AS THIS DID HAPPEN IN 2005 (Collier vs Sunol) and again after 2011 (Burns vs Sunol). 
Other than those three ways you do not have a chance of stopping me

I have had also deleted messages which are only spam on my blog talking of joining the illuminati or Masons as both are one of the same: I tell all members of the Illuminati and the Masons: if I was to join any of your groups I would deleberately and defiantly throw your secrets on this blog and tell all: I do not like or trust secret societies as they all tell lies from one level to another and I can not and will not be a liar: as some claim me to be (members of my own family are involved in this)

I WANT TO GO NO FURTHER INTO THE ISSUE OF THE ILLUMINATE AND/OR THE FREEMASONS as my mind, soul and attitude is firmly stuck on this issue as the Illuminati with some of the senior Masons are involved with the coming of Agenda 2030 which was Agenda 21 up to Sept 15 when Agenda 21 was redesignated Agenda 2030 on a 15 year time basis

Written and published by:
John Christopher Sunol 
at 6.12 on Sunday May 21 2016

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