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Friday, 6 May 2016

same sex Marriage brings the Devils curse on all who enter into this wickedness before God.

Also Lucifer will be you enticing you
into this trap. 

Same sex marriage is wickedness before God and wickedness before God brings total destruction in your life, both spiritually, physically and in all ways. 

this is practiced in most witches covens and even worshiped as part of the rituals in the church of Satan as formed by  Anton Le-Vey in 1966

Homosexuality is also rampart in among witches covens and other places of occultist significance. 

The only way out of this is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and in doing this you must reject same sex marriage or you are deluding yourself as no wickedness before God will last the distance of time. All wickedness comes to a final end and this is not a nice place to go to

I have nothing else to say but this. 

Accept same sex marriage and you will face Gods wrath but reject it and accept Christs forgiveness and you will be rewarded in heaven for eternal glory with Christ. 

something worth reading, Satan entices Christians into sin and wickedness - that is why so many are falling today into debauchery and wickedness before God 
If same sex marriage comes to Australia so does Lucifer and his Angels

Same sex marriage is very evil. It comes straight out of the Fires of Ghenna (or more commonly known as the pits of Hell)

It is a designed strategy those involved in the coming of Agenda 2030 to break down the family unit as it has  been known for thousands of years and bring in a New World Order with an alternative family, not a real family but an Abomination under Gods holy Matrimony order of the Godly family structure (one man, one woman and children) that has been in place for many thousands of years,

I openly oppose this and put it to all that is is a plan designed by Lucifer and his followers to bring a destruction to  the world as a whole 

If we vote Labor or Vote for the Green Party in this coming July 2 2016 we  are voting for wickedness  which will be a  vote for evil in the coming election as both of these political parties want to push this evil  upon all. I do not want to give it a breath of air.

God has one thing for wickedness before him and this is not nice thing to go through, it has happened in history and can happen again. It is also planned to happen in the near future

So if you want to vote for wickedness




Written by John Christopher Sunol
6.32 on Saturday May 6th 2016

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