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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Same sex marriage is a curse from the pits of Hell (Ghenna)

This is where it comes fromand where it is heading to. All of those who enter into this arrangement, that is where they are heading. They are deluded demonic forces which are the prince of all liars to beleive anything else.

That is the main reason I am so anti Green and now labor as they want to join Marriage Equality, which not marriage Equality at all. It is all deception and led by demonic forces

I have nothing else to say over this issue, except that I am Anti same Sex marriage all the way

This is a case in the United states where a Judge had his licence removed as he did not agree with same sex marriage, This is very wrong and if we vote Green or Labor this could come to Australia, churches could be closed down and fined for not marrying homosexual couples in a same sex marriage ceremony. The Gay and lesbian rights lobby will deliberately target anti gay ministers to force this on all and take them to court when they will not marry. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
15.30 Thursday May 10th 2016

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