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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Story on is an apology to the Gay Lobby and Gay Rights people worth giving in the case of institutional corruption

I'm reading statement to anti-discrimination board on Scribe. Check it out: 

Link to this statement for the blog 

All should read this scribe link, I knew when it was done as it is giving a real story I want to go viral around the world, The Cultural Marxist people from the modern day equal rights movement will hate this but they can like it or cop it as I am not going to stop using this form of literature to show how bad same sex marriage and ordering an apology to homosexuality from the Victorian government really is.

Why should the Government give an  apology for something that is part of an agenda to bring a world wide totalitarian state under Cultural Marxism when it is not a genetic or a human biological problem. Homosexuality in sin and a behavioral problem brought on by those in peer groups who use Propaganda and lies to tell you about homosexuality over all. 

It is my role in society from now on to the day I die to show this material as I am a victim of internet thugs who want to shut me up. 

I call this as others do Homo fascism - the Gay Lobby - or Cultural Marxism - from the Frankfurt school of social thought


Written by John Christopher Sunol
14.32 on Friday May 27th 2016  

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