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Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Federal election is off to a start !!!

The election has now got underway, I am going to talk quite a lot on issues to do with Politics and this could become quite interesting. I will speak on issues right accross the board and not just stick to one issue. 

But my main goal is to turn people against the Greens as I see the Green party and thier policies as a cirse upon everyone and my objective is to get as many as these out of places of pokwer as much as it is both humanly and ethicaly possible. 

These monngrels back and support the Psychopath who  is taking me to court (and others) and to get his rocks off in the taking of both myself and others onm villification accusations which are all alot of bullshit cases with no real substance to rely on.

This is my goals for this election.

From Now on I will lobby heavily on this blog to bring down the Green Party, as I see them a social, economic and moral danger to all AUSTRALIA, they are full of radicals whome are loopy to say the least !!!


Writtn by John Christopher Sunol
On Monday May 9 / 11.50

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