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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Taliban announced new leader, a radical Mullah Habitaĺlah Akjhundzada - 72 virgins for old Taliban leader Killed

New Taliban Leader

A mew leader to the Taliban, this was expected but he will become the next target for US drome strikes again. In this war Muslims want to die at the hands of the Infadel as they are promised by Muhumad to receive 72 virgins as a reward from Allah if they die fighting in Jihad. THIS IS A GREAT LIE AND DECPTION BY SATAN which only gives reason to inflame this war as many of the faithful Islamic people fighting for Taliban want to die in a strong beleif in this deception. Another leader will come along loojing for death due to his decption in beleiving this lie.

ISLAM in doing such is a death Cult

 This war is not going to finish untill surrender and it is in a round table of violence in the meantime. I feel the only way this will stop is for a one world Government and even that will not work out untill Jesus Christ takes over and comes back a second time.

Otherwise it is only a circle of violence, one leader killed, another rises to be killed again. To be the leader of the Taliban is a death sentance - the Taliban leaders beleive that to die is going into paradise for them so they all step out for the leadership so that they can die a Marter in a Jihad, then they go straight to paradise and receive 72 virgins. 

I am afraid this a big delusion put by the Devil big time to these people and if they knew the truth Talban would have no leadership. It becomes an endless killing cycle as when you die you leave for eternity and do not come back to let others to know that it is a fateful decision for eternity if you die fighting for the Taliban

Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.21 on Thursday May 26th 2016

My comments 

We are coming to this and this new Taliban leader is one of the ways that will see the rise of the world government

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