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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Aethism is living in La La land, God is real, very real, very real, beleive you , me as I came near to death back on the 7/7/78 in a Motor Vechile accident

God is real very real, we can not dospute that and what I put on the blog and You Tubes explain this. People like the John M and the Derby Swede who attack me only the fall guys of Satan himself to shut me up. So is the atheist society as they are all living in a delisive state to beleive their is NO God. Satan wants uss to beleive this lie but I am allowed to livs after a  very close shave with death back in 1978 to tell the whole world that lifw after death is more real than life when we are living now

The Atheist  beleif in No God is  deception from the pits of Hell and all Atheist are in for  one huge shock to sse how wrong they are after they die


Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.25 Sunday June 5th 2016

My comments

These are messages to those internet trolls
Derby Sweden and John M who put me onto the atheist foundation as a weapon to get me offline

Second messages to the above internet trolls
Derby Sweden and John M

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