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Friday, 10 June 2016

Different groups are now getting onto my cases world wide

Different groups are getting onto my case Studies, Burns vs Sunol

This is proof, the case is getting all around the world, a whole lot of different decisions so this is becoming well known and significant in the legal community, as this is one of a number of different sources

These cases are becoming well known among the legal community for this to happen and I have a number of other cases.. as well, This shows you how publicity can spread when it is on a controversial issue in today's philosophical and cultural pattern of the world. 

I state that the Koran and the Mein Kampf are one in essence: they both promote hate and kill innocent people


2rittwn by John Christopher Sunol 
21.02  Friday June 12th 2015

After watching these you tubes I added to this blog entry
You will ask the question: how on the Hell can two different groups come to an Equality within diversity or sharing and having tolerance when  tolerance does not exist between the culture and teachings of the two groups. 

They differ so much in the culture and teachings of different religious, philosophical and cultural teachings from their own groups. 

People who grow up in a culture have that installed in their mind and cognitive system to the stage where they are willing to drop everything else for the teaching they grew up with. 

When a person is taught this, along the lines of:

We are the only way and by all power in us our teaching is right to death: then they are willing to give their lives for there 

as some groups are doing in terrorist campaigns and as the Islamic faith describes as Jihad for their belief systems.

It is not possible for all groups to have tolerance for each other like the new world order and cultural Marxist philosophy wants. 

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