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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Feds Charge American in Iraq After He joined the Islamic State

This right and he needs to go to a prison to be locked up for as long as it takes to nock out Islamic state, This is war and during war you are classed a traitor and jailed for treason if you join the enemy. 

Getting back to world war 2, if anyone joined the AXIS powers during world war 11 -  Japanese, Italians or Germans from 1939-45 they would have been put in a prison camp as an enemy combatant and seen as a national security risk. The same today with Islamic state, We are at war with the Islamic state and should have the same rights to lock up anyone seen working with the enemy against national security. We should be classed a national security risk and locked up until the end of the conflict and Islamic state is taken out. 

This should be done via the Federal court system with the Federal national police and security in the country that they come from, USA - Britain - Australia or some other country at war against Islamic state. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
18.51 Saturday June 11th 2016

My comments

Prisoner of war Camps for all Islamic state fighters and prison for all traitors going to fight for the Islamic State when captured.

(if a person knows that if they fight with Islamic state they are in the class of a national security risk and will find themselves locked up indefinitely until Islamic state is defeated, then they take that risk of being captured " if not killed in the battle that they are heading to in the meantime" and thrown in prison in full knowledge, that is the correct thing doing, They can blame no one but themselves for criminally fighting with the enemy of man kind, Islamic radicals like IS and other affiliated groups illegally in a war.

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