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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Former PM Tony Abbott sgates that in this election pwe do have the time to focus ob Issues like same sex Marriage

 Prime-minister Tony Former Abbott makes a lot of common sense. Get your 
Priorities  right. National defense and national security measures. I agree with Tony Abbott  100% as I follow a similar line on the same the debate on same Marriage as Tony Abbott and others of a similar Political persuasion. The same sex marriage debate needs to be scrapped as the Federal Government does have time to debate this nonsense and far more important issues, such as national security and defense issues. It has a lot other issues which are far more important to discuss rather than same sex marriage. 

I feel that it was a set up to dismiss Tony Abbott and replace him with a less desirable member of the Liberal party Malcombe Turnbull. All we can hope for now is for the Liberal to win, Malcolmbe Turnbull to get back-In the Greens thrown-Out of parliament and with a cross bench-In the upper house of the Christian Democratic Party,  Democratic Labor Party and Family First all of whom are anti same sex marriage and then vote down this bill. It is sure to get up and become a plebiscite if Liberal wins, this is set not to happen and if Labor gets in with the backing of the Greens, same sex marriage will be forced upon all of us in a bias corrupt parliamentarian vote based on the lie that 70% of Australians want same sex marriage, (when in reality if put to a plebiscite and correctly debated with closed questions only you would find in reality given the correct information on same sex marriage, this is is not 70%, but in reality less than 5% of Australians . the 70% is a blatant lie and propaganda put by the Marriage equality people, these thugs are twisting marketing statistics, posting lies and propaganda and set out to force same sex Marriage on a nation of people who are ignorant but in reality when they see the truth of this they will all turn against this.

If the homosexual community want to discuss, then that is their choice but they are the one to take the undesirable consequences for such stupidity. 

I AGREE 100% with Tony Abbott this should not even be on the Agenda for public debate, it is to a divisive issue and needs to be scrapped altogether and this pushing this debate ignored and pushed aside. The Australian Federal Parliament has a lot of other issues far more important on the agenda to discuss of which in lay site by the amount of terrorism today and we are close to an all out war, National security and the Armed forces / Federal and state Police issues of crime are far more important than a discussion on homosexuals wanting to get married is. 

Push RatingsPage.aspx I Will side refrigerators refrigerators refrigerators of the debate and fight those taking me to the Tribunals and never change as I know them to be evil people taking me to court on vilification based on lies. I will accept nothing else clauses clauses clauses. Just wait watch and see after next Wednesday 6th July 2016 when I have the man who took me up on defamation and corrupt based lies himself. I am being labelled out politically to shut me up but I am not going to accept this and I will never apologize to these thugs, or give them money as I will not accept where I have broken the law or vilified, This law they are using is very bad, needs to be repealed and is able to be abused by corrupt people as being done with myself.

I will say no more as this will be in the courts after next Wednesday.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.47 Thursday June 30th 2016

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