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Thursday, 23 June 2016

I will be letter box dropping tommorrow and standding on the pre-politing booths again on Saturday Afternoon

Will be letter- I dropping box-In the Local Waratah Waratah West area and tomorrow meeting people-In the streets over the Federal election to help the Local Christian Democratic Party candidate and on Saturday afternoon standing on the Pre-Polling booths again. 

I also went to the ocal branch meeting on Friday June 24 to get ready to dompoling booth work to help the Christian Democratic Party get a Senetor elected.

This is to get myself known for after February 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt so I can stand again for politics. 



Written by John Christopher Sunol 
2202 on Thursday June 23rd 2016


At the local branch meeting at 13.00 24/6/16

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