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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Liberal candidate for Seat of Sydney is a homosexual Aboroginal and living with his partner

I was listening to the ABC radio this morning and on the radio station this candidate was speaking "Geoffrey Winters". He is a homosexual man living with his partner and an Aboriginal man, he wants a pelbibside as he thinks he will swing voters over that do not want Same sex marriage or are not homosexual. He is very mistaken as I will never swing over and nev
er accept homosexuality let alone same sex marriage. He wanted a plelbibside (referendum) for this reason but I need to let him know that same sex marriage is very evil and a ploy by those affiliated with Agenda 2030 to bring down the family unit. 

This man is not aggressive like other homosexual activist I know of that take me to court but this man is sadly mistaken as myself and all of those that took me to court. 

This means we are in for a great time and a lot of people from all walks of life are in the homosexual groups. These groups are not just but one group but man subcultures and smaller groups from all walks of life.
Homosexuality is everything now it is time for Christ to return. 

A vote for labor or Green is a vote yes for same sex marriage and this is further towards the same goals

Written by John Christopher Sunol
16.12 on Monday June 27th 2016

My comments

Liberal candidate for seat of Sydney is a homosexual Aboriginal man living in  a homsexual relationship
"Geoffry Winters"

Heard this candidate speak on ABC radio this morning

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