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Friday, 17 June 2016

Same sex Marriage is very evil / July 2 2016 Australian Federal election

This coming federal election is going to be a critical turning point in the History of Australian Politics. WE ARE VOTING FOR A NEW GOVERNMENT THAT WILL HAVE TO MAKE SOME VERY SERIOUS CRITICAL DECISIONS IN THE COMING YEARS. 

These decisions will drive the destiny of our life as we know today. One of these decisions is related to same sex Marriage. Same sex Marriage is very evil and will bring Gods wrath upon the nation  as a whole. We are quickly heading into times like it was during the Seleucid Empire of Antioch-us Epiphany where witchcraft rules the country and everything is very evil. In this period which was the intertestimal period of history (before the New Testament period but after the Old testament homosexuality, witchcraft, occult driven worship and same sex marriage was rife - and this is what we are going back into - this is very evil) This period went from around 350-400 BC to the times of Christ Birth around the start of the Calender again 1-5AD)

Same sex Marriage, witchcraft, and all other forms of Lew-id and licentious behavior is going to abound the earth. We must reject this and remain faithful to the One true God or else we are going to fall into the big deceptive bound the rest of the world will be in. 

As a nation, as a family Unit and as a individual we must stand out against this evil and know the time is short and we will be free when Jesus Christ returns. Between 170BC and right up to 164BC Jerusalem went through one of the worst times that any one could go through but we must know that we will come out  the other end white and shining in Gods favor. 

This Federal election is a turning point in Australian Politics and  we need to come out on the right side or we will go under with the rest of the earth. If you want to go down that path, that is your choice but knowing what I do I will not ever debate this issue. Same sex marriage is very evil and you do not debate the devil over his policies, You just reject them outright

Written by John Christopher Sunol
10 38 on Saturday 18th September 2016

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