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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Under Agenda 2030 there will be a push for hate laws all over the world

This is all part of Agenda 2030 code of conduct to enslave the world population into thinking that they are looking for individuality and freedom, when in reality they are being conned into accepting the coming new world order, a one world dictatorial concept under the guise of Cultural Marxist thought (or the Frankfurt school of social thought)

Going to is This the-the get Worst Before the IT Gets the Better and eventually  ,, Joseph Stalin and ,, Adolf Hitler,, Will Like the-the look a the-the in the-the run the Backyard Playing with the--the--the-the Children's Toys to the What Will This the-the turn--out to the BE . 

Believe homophobia, First I is Going the shunned to the BE and then The The outlawed and You Will the BE the ABLE to the BE jailed for Being deemed homophobic, then The The the IT Will the-from the get Worst There on.

We need to take note of the news as it comes along to keep up with this as this is going to affect every last person on the earth.
Written by John Christopher Sunol
5.17 on Sunday June 19th 2016

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Same sex marriage is very evil*

A Push to criminalize homophobia

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