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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

You vote in this years election for Labor could see if same sex Marriage is legalized in Australia next year, 2017

this is the major reason we can NOT VOTE FOR LABOR or THE GREEN PARTY, if same sex marriage is legalized in Australia then Australia is going to the way as the rest of the world and the coming new world order.

It is going to come under Cultural Marxism philosophical view point and this will destroy Australia. 

All Christians with an honest belief in God and their belief is founded on evangelical Christianity or even most genuine people Roman Catholicism it will be a sin for them to vote for labor or the Greens as they will be helping bring this philosophical view point into the world.

If Labor or the Greens get a lot of votes and get in then we have nothing but our-self to blame for bringing on this evil. 

Same sex Marriage will destroy Australia and we are going down the same road as other parts of the world which come from the Western Free Democratic countries. 

This election is a turning point for the whole of Australia to join the New World Order or stay out of this, if you vote Yes for Labor or Green you are voting Yes for same sex marriage: just think that. Members of the labor against same sex marriage have resigned over this issue

I will be doing some poling booth work this federal election for the Christian democratic on both pre polling voting and on the  election day Saturday July 2nd 2016 for the Christian democratic party (Fred Nile Group) and I am going to talk to the public on many different controversial, issues and I will be the Happy little homophobe on this day.

That is all I will say over this and any other is in my videos made up concerning this view. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.28 on Thursday June 9th 2016

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