Thursday, 28 July 2016

A list of 33rd - degree Masons - Trump vs Clinton

This is a list of the past members of this secret organisation and this can be related into today. I also believe that Donald Trump is a secret member of this list but he might not be on it yet as he is still alive, 

All Americans need to note this, I view Donald Trump as a wolf in sheep's clothing unless he can prove himself otherwise. This coming up American Presidential election is critical that the right person get in this office, not only for America but also for the whole free world. I would feel safer sitting back from Australia watching from the sidelines to see Hillary Clinton in Charge who will have others to work with her (nominally her Husband ex President Bill Clinton) in such a momentous time in History. Rather than some Maverick person with no real Political experience, who has come from a senior leadership role in the corporate world and is one of the worlds greatest showman (or what the bible calls a wolf in sheep's clothing). 

He could be views as a Showman and in his inaugural speech which I viewed from Australia. When I saw Barrack Obama give a speech for Hillary Clinton, he was totally different, Barrack Obama was what we can do together if Hillary becomes president. Donald Trump is what I can do for you.

The United States president  does not need to be a showman. The United States President iz much more than that. The United States presents is one of the leaders of the free world. We are living in dark and precarious times, so I feel myself that Hillary Clinton is far more equipped than Donald Trump to take over the banner fro Barrack Obama to become the president of the United States (which in a real de-facto term is to be present of the free world) as the United States president yeilds a enormous amount of power on the world scene.

From what I saw on the sideline sitting back in Australia this is how I see it.
If I was in the United states and legible to vote it would be more than likely I would vote for Democrat as I see Hillary Clinton a much more qualified person for the Job as president of the United States.

I would much prefer Hillary Clinton who will work like her Husband when he was in office (Bill Clinton) and Barrack Obama - for the people. Not like Donald Trump looked on his speech, it is all What I can do and what I will do.

 Donald Trump is for himself but Hillary is for the People 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
3.53 Friday July 29th 2016

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