Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Crackdown for racist, tougher Penalties

this is quite ok if it is to people who are trouble makers stirring violence because of race, sexuality or gender:


it is NOT OK generally as it can be misused and the wrong people can end up with the penalties just for speaking their own mind and not being Politically correct. 

I am opposed to this for that reason and i think that violence and stirring up violence should come under the crimes act and be a criminal offense with a term of a large find and imprisonment, but as for being called hate speech. If you are saying that you do not agree academically you need protection6 from these laws and also people who do not agree (like myself) we must have the rights to speak against such sensitive issues as long as no violence comes out of it and which we are directly involved in. 

If this is the case it needs to come under a different jurisdiction : criminal law and be classified differently. Hate crime Legislation is not needed, a waste of tax payers money and to easy to be abused. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol,
21.19 on Wednesday July 27th 2016

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Lets get tough on hate crime

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