Saturday, 23 July 2016

David Shoebridge of the Greens wants trust funds to release assets for victims in ccil court cases

This Bill if passed will be very bad. If it is passed and you will get a number of bogas claims to get a payout as the Catholic church is quite wealthy-In assets. We do not need to deal with the amount of bogus claims as they could be taking up unnecessary court time and overworking the court system on silly disputes for personal gains.   This is open for large scale abuse where people want to steel one anthers assets. I am dead  against it as if David Shoebridge got for the catholic church and they were forced to cell their properties to pay their victims, this could also effect me with my cases and drive me out of business (or make it very difficult for me to write my blog as I have the ability to and can not be stopped. 

Also I personally have my own property where I live protected in this way (as my home is under a trust company and not even bankruptcy can touch it, as I am bankrupt now and they were not worried about my property as it was in a trust fund name of a shelf company - even thought it was my own money that brought the house originally) I can bet your bottom dollar those that were awarded costs from me would (this that took me to court) would attempt to force a sale of my own home. This would leave me with considerable money, no house and people could then rush the courts to take this all off me.

Also without a fully paid home and I would be forced to find another place and  pay rent, this would have a drastic effect on me and I would not have the ability to write or do what I do online or anything that I can with relative ease now. 

I hope and pray people see the common sense to vote out NSW Parliament David Shoebrigde and every last Green as all they are is trouble with nutty dears and policies backing the Cultural Marxist agenda. 

NB: all this bill could effect me personally due to I having assets tied up in a trust fund (namely my own home) and there are people I was ordered to make a payout to over my previous court cases. They would force me to sell to pay them which could destroy me and effectively stop me from writing online as all my resources are in my own home, computer, office and much needed equipment. I would also have to pay rent if I had no home and would find it quite difficult. I am very lucky that I owned my home before orders were put on me. 

This is wrong and I oppose David Shoebridge and the Greens 100% as I just will not take fault and believe every one has the human right to oppose homosexuality and same sex marriage. 

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 8.45 Sunday July 24th 2016

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