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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Donald Trump could become president next year (2017)

This is reality. Is a Donald Trump show man and a very wealthy business man, very different to Hillary.Donald trump carries the same  Attibutes that the beast of revelations will have (anti Christ 666) where Hillary Clinton does not have these attributes .

Donald Trump is far more likely tom start a nuclear war than Hillary Clinton and I feel that he is the right man for the Illuminati to use to create a situation to bring in the new world order. Donald may be OK while there is peace and not a lot of trouble but the very first time a serious scenario comes up that needs dealing with I can see him become trigger happy and race into this situation without analyzing it fully and obtaining the best advice as most of the previous presidents have done in years gone by.

Finish off To  Donald Trump if elected President will be looking down the barrel of a nuclear war with China over the Philippines . If you think Donald Trump could handle this  , then vote Donald Trump but I am a bit susceptible and think he might just be the wrong person to lead America in times of crises.
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Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.51 Wednesday July 20th 2016

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