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Friday, 29 July 2016

Donald Trump is trying to gain the American Christian Conservatives - using laws that threatens Christians as a talking point

Donald Trump’s Big Lie About the Law That ‘Threatens’ Christians

This is a political stunt as it is NOW TRUMP VS CLINTON and Donald Trump is trying to appeal to the American right wing Christians.. 

This is not all a lie but I feel that it is all part of his own strategy to get the right wing Christian American onside. I have seen these bills and this comes from the left wing cultural Marxist homosexual rights groups and I can see where this is being used as a political stunt. 

I do not say he is straight out lying but he is also only telling half truths as we do not know what he has in mind if he wins the election, and I can not trust Donald Trump fully. This an election campaign starting now, one which will go down in History as one of the greats of the American Presidential campaigns which you can not believe everything said as it could work out different after 2017 when the next United States president takes office (who ever it will be, either Trump or Clinton) 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 12.11 on Saturday July 30th 2016

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