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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Finished with work for the dole (seamans center) looking for more work

Finished work for I the dole and went very well at the seaman's center-In Wickham today. I am now looking for work

My qaulafications and skills are in:

  1. Business: i have a masters degree in commerce (Woolongong University, and other degrees are in both business and social science. (University of Newcastle and NSW Tafe)
  2. I have completed Welfare work both at NSW tafe courses and the University of Newcastle in the past (drug and alcohol work and welfare work NSW Tafe with a Bachelor of social science University of Newcastle)
  3. Advertising and promotions
  4. Meeting people randomly due to I was a Owner / driver of a taxi cab for over 9 years (2003-2012)
  5. Sales and Marketing which I have had years of experience and training at.
  6. Use of internet and online communications / blogger and info tech
  7. Writing, phone skills and front desk capacity
  8. I have a number of other skills which are outlined in my resumes.

I am contactable on either johnsunol2@gail.com 
Or phone me on 0468 309 091

Thanking you very much and waiting to hear from you

Written by John Christopher Sunol
11.04 Monday July 4 2016

My comments

Finished up at the Seamans club in Wickham

Looking for work - to contact me Ph 0468 309 091

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