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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mass murder in Texas - shootings

Mass shootings in Dallas Texas United States

This is war, all out war and this  is very seious. I feel that this is kind od activity those in Islamic state would become involved in and we must wage war on Islamic state and if any other group is found to be involved then war on that group.

The same thing happened in Both France and Belgium only months ago AND this is NOTnrace riots as the Police Cheif from Dallas was a daek skinned man  Imfeel this comes out of thr religious WAR against Islamic State and all member of anything supporting Islamic State need to be hunted down by the Poloce and national gaurd, put in front of the courts and locked up in a prison camp indefinetely untill Islamic state is destroyed and out right defeated.. 

I have akways said and I will re-utinate this, outback Australian deswrts under heavy militrymtrained prison gaurds is an ideal place for prison camps, but in the case of Ammerica, I need to say Northern Canada in the Frozen wastelands near the North Polemis another ideal place. I would also denynthem a Koran as I classmthemKoran like the Mein Kampf during world war 2 and id they want a Holy book, llet them have a Gideons bible and read this. 

This needs to be treated as an act of war and for the public safety this must happen.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
15.55 Friday July 8th 2016

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