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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Globalists are openly demanding new world order centralization

This is now coming and it is already on the cards in the next few coming up years the world is going to go through radical change.

As we can see from the above Link global communities are here and I believe it may even be before 2030  that we see a one world government run by the Illuminati and the most draconian totalitarian system ever known to man since the birth of humanity 6,000 years ago Not Currently , as written about in the bible. 

Just watch wait and see and you will see many strange things happen 

Just wait, watch and see. I also believe that same sex marriage is part of this mainstay and this is what it is going to be all about, sexuality and destroying the traditional family as the family is the main stay of the human race that has kept us going for close on to 6,000 years since Adam and Even

Please note this is the Cultural Marxist Philosophy that we must all reject as it is very oppressive.

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.55 on Thursday July 7 2016

My comments

Agenda 2030 from Globalists are demanding a new world order - RatingsPage.aspx is to bring peace, but rather than bring peace it will bring war and horror

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