Sunday, 24 July 2016

I believe that all abortion is Murder - Murder which is sanctioned by some

To abort a child after conception is to take away any chance for a life, before it is born to this physical world, From the day of conception inside a woman's womb the fetus is a life in the future coming under development. 

This from the very first day that the male sperm joins with the female egg and development of new life beginnings. For us to dictate what is to be and what not to be born means that we are planning the world and this has far reaching consequences many years into the future. 

So I believe that if a child is aborted the parents and the doctor who aborts that child should be held accountable for murder.

If the child gets sick and dies, is the same as a child or a fetus dying in the mothers woman, and that is not of the fault of anyone, God has his own reasons for allowing this.


It IS NOT for us to make these decisions, it is in the hands of God who has his own reasons for allowing an unborn child to die - I feel that those who abort children deliberately for any reasons are murders and should be held so accountable for such. 

They have now even made progressions in medical science that a child can be operated on before birth, on the fetus. If these advancement's are made in the medical areas (Brisbane's Mater Hospital) then the unborn fetus is a real human being living in the mothers womb awaiting to come out into the world and be released themselves to the world. 

I ask the question, why then do people abort a fetus and murder the future generation, while others such as in Brisbane's Mater Hospital are working on new technology to save the unborn and operate on them whilst in the mothers womb   so that they are born without defects. 

Just imagine if some of the past greats in history, and world changing figures were aborted, the world would be very different - say Issac Newton aborted before birth, the world would be very different now. 

As a conclusion: I have come to the belief that if Abortion is sanctioned by law, then it is legally sanctioned Murder. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.54 Monday July 25th 2016

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