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Friday, 8 July 2016

Islamic state now a real threat in Malaysia

Islamic state is everywhere and now coming to South east Asia it is loosing ground in the Middle East. This is very dangerous and this proves that this could be seen as the start of world war 3. I would call this the start of the East ASIAN THEATER OF WORLD WAR 3 which could go into the entire world and this time be Radical Islam verse the New World Order of Cultural Marxist / Feminist philosophical beliefs. Christian will be the sandwich caught in the middle of a hot war fought by the two very radical groups. 

Countries like Australia and the Philippines need to keep a close watch on this as it could very easily overflow into both Australia / Indonesia and the Philippines. Especially vulnerable as Indonesia Indonesia is the worlds largest and most  populist Islamic nation. 

To Islamic State Wants wage war on the whole world and only will stop when they succeed in gaining a word wide Cali-fate. 

Now Islamic state is loosing-In Iraq and Syria, it could start building its campaign In south-east Asia as a new development 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.13 Saturday July 9th 2016

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