Sunday, 24 July 2016

New terrorism laws in Australia. - Federal government.

Yes this is a great law, but we need to be careful that it is not used against those with political differences. Like with myself and the cases I had, those who took me to court would love this if they could manipulated it as I could be kept locked up so I can not write online. #

There are cases of people who would manipulate this for their own political objective.

The same with terrorism, for genuine cases yes but let us hope it goes no further as this is just the sort of legislation that Agenda 2030 will have to stop people from speaking against the corruption that it covers. 

so I say this:

1 Yes but as long as it goes no further
2 the draw backs are that this could go into locking up those political enemies indefinitely to shut them up and be abused. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 14.44 on Monday July 25th 2016

My comments.

These laws can be manipulated

Federal Prison for all terrorist indefinately is what is needed
They are Ll mass murders in the name of a religious ideology and the comminity needs protection from this

Terrorist if convicted need indefinate prison (only to be let out if they can prove beyond reasonable doubt to a spreme court that they have given up their terrorist ideology and no more present a danger to the community

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