Thursday, 28 July 2016

Newcastle City Council Pro Gay 1 pro same sex Marriage

This was brought up in the city council only just recently and I went to a public meeting Over this only some 12 months ago. The Newcastle Lord Mayor is calling homosexual people marginalized and oppressed, I openly disagree with her over this, I do not see the homosexual community as the oppressed community, but the activist among st them are using this for their own benefit, and the few gay and lesbian activist are the real perpetrators. I see it as inappropriate for a city council to even make mention of this in council, let alone pass a resolution that the city council is pro gay. 

A council has many issues to discuss on running the city has why should the council waste it time even discussing this issue. These rainbow groups are wasting the councils time from talking about general business to consume their time on unrelated nonrepresentational such as homosexual rights and same sex marriage.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 17.30 Thursday July 28 2016

My comments

Newcastle Citys Councils pro Gay position waste of important time

Part b a waste of time for council to discuss irrelevant homosexual issues


Councils should concentrate on issues to do with running a local council, 

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