Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Someone is hacking into my computer all of the time to get me off line

So,e one or a group of people want me off line..I am regulary getting hackers who get into mu computer to change settings. I just want to tell those hackers this, and take note as I mean it.

Every time you take down my computer and get me off line, I am completely determined that I will fight back and get back online, then make more you tubes, which I know you hate, but as far as I am determined I will fight back every time. 

I had my computer taken off line around half an hour ago but I am resetting it to restore my settings and I am writing this from my tablet so no one can stop me and I am determined to fight these trouble makers back all and every time. 

So to finish this short spill of all I aill say is This: If you want war, then you got war and I will fight you thugs all the way

Written By John Christopher Sunol
11.32 Thursday July 28th 2016

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