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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Turkish President is going to far and acting like a dictator

This is very bad, it is not good. So many people With being arrested it seems like as President Erdogan '' is coming - Out to be alot worst than those he is disposing. With so many officials being purged, I ask the question, who is going to replace them and does he want to gain's total control.

How Joseph Stalin purged the Russian Zars and the elite during the Bolshevist, In 1917, which, Revolution brought` the onset of communism. If we of of of go back 228 years earlier July 14 1789 (the French ,,, Revolution and the storming of Bastil) - actions taken were similar. This is not unprecedented-In History and History often comes to repeat itself

This is bad, not good and this Turkish Prime Minister is going to bring back the death penalty to rid Turkey of his enemies, A dictator in the making and a totalitarian regime allied to Nato. 

Whn Christopher Sunol
9.00Wednesday July 20th 2016

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